About Us

At CLLO, we are passionate about the idea that taking care of your baby is also taking care of yourself. Therefore, we created a unique space: your "Cozy Baby Lifestyle & Baby Selfcare Store", where every detail breathes comfort, quality and sustainability.
The adventure began in 2023, when we, Bea and Ticha - sisters and mothers, shared the frustration of not finding products for our babies that combined quality, elegance, comfort and environmental ethics.
Faced with this challenge, we realized that other mothers also felt the same difficulty and the desire arose to bring this combination of qualities to other mothers. Thus, CLLO was born, the answer to your dreams of a conscious motherhood, with respect for the environment and full of style.

Each product is chosen not only for its quality and sustainability, but for the story it tells, for the promise of peaceful nights and joyful days. We believe in a life where you, mom, feel supported, understood and, above all, confident in the choices you make for your baby. At CLLO, we try to simplify your life a little, helping you to make your home a space welcoming and bring joy and tranquility to your days. From the bedding that rocks your baby's dreams to the toys that spark their curiosity and development, each choice is a step towards a greener and happier future.
We believe in a better world, and you are an essential part of that change. CLLO is more than a store; it is a movement, a community where every mom finds the support and inspiration to live motherhood to the fullest. It's the promise of a warm hug, peaceful nights and a greener future.

Explore our collection and discover how we can make your life and that of your baby more welcoming and happy. Because at CLLO, every choice is a step towards a more loving and conscious world.
Offer today, a Gift with the Future in mind.

Mission, vision and values


Our mission is simple: to make the lives of mothers and their babies more “cozy”. With a careful selection of premium products, with respect for the environment and a lot of love involved in the choice (and in the processes), we want every mother who visits our store to feel supported and inspired to create a welcoming and healthy environment for her baby . And may you feel our embrace in every moment.


At CLLO, we envision a future where each product chosen not only meets immediate needs, but also reinforces the commitment to a better world. We aim to be the first choice for mothers looking for comfort, quality and eco-friendly options and a community that understands and celebrates the challenges of motherhood. With our eyes set on the future, we seek to innovate every day to bring the best to your family, leading the way to a greener world and more peaceful sleep.


Community: More than just customers, we have a family. We are here to support, share and grow together.

Quality: We are committed to excellence, selecting only the best.

Sustainability: We respect the environment, choosing products that take care of our planet and our babies.

Integrity: We always act with honesty and transparency.